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Kendra Scott – Naples


Project Details

Category: Retail

Client: Embree Group

Location: Naples, FL

Project Type: Build out

Scope: Interior Framing & Finishing

Project Description

WARB Construction executed a stunning interior renovation for this retail jewelry store located in the Naples, FL shopping center, showcasing their expertise in meticulous craftsmanship. The framing and drywall work laid the foundation for a durable and well-structured interior. Tasteful tiling was seamlessly incorporated, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. WARB’s precise painting techniques brought a modern aesthetic to the store, enhancing its overall visual appeal. The installation of decorative columns and panels exuded a sense of opulence, contributing to a luxurious atmosphere. Thoughtfully positioned display shelves provided an organized showcase for exquisite jewelry pieces, reflecting a commitment to both functionality and elegance. A distinctive wooden archway, expertly crafted by WARB, served as a focal point, seamlessly blending traditional artistry with contemporary design.

The collaboration between the retail jewelry store and WARB Construction resulted in a transformed space that radiates sophistication and charm.